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All for one

21. listopadu 2008 v 20:32 | Miss. Andič[k]a |  High school musical → texty piesní
The summer that we wanted,

Yeah, we finally got it!

Now's the time we get to share

Each day we'll be together

Now until forever,

So everybody, everywhere

Let's take it to the beach

[Troy, Chad, and Ryan]
Take it together

[Gabriella, Sharpay, and Taylor]
Let's celebrate today 'cause there'll never be another

[Troy, Chad, and Ryan]
We're stronger this time,
been there for each other

[Gabriella, Sharpay, and Taylor]
Everything's just right

Everybody all for one,
A real summer has just begun!
Let's rock and roll and just let go,
feel the rhythm of the drums
We're gonna have fun in the sun
Now that all the hard work, work is done!
Everybody, one for all and all for one!
All for one, one!

Summertime together,


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